Friday, November 5, 2010

Week 9

Now in the 2nd Half pool, here are my thoughts on this week-

No real take on them this week.  I like ATL coming off the bye and at home.  They should win comfortably.

Looking forward after this week, the Falcons have an interesting schedule.  They have STL, SEA, CAR and TB all on the road.  And BAL, GB, NO and CAR at home.  

I see only 2 games I would feel comfortable taking them.  The first is in STL week 11 (even though they will only be a couple point favorite) because the other games are outdoor games in the winter.  The other is home for CAR in week 17.  Of course, the problem with week 17 is that we dont know if the Falcons will be playing for anything.  

My plan is to save them for week 17 when I need 3 picks.  Week 11 should have more than 2 solid options.

I am not in love with the Vikings this week.  They havent been playing well at all, offensively or defensively.  Yes Arizona is possibly the worst team in the league, especially on the road.  But Im not sold.

The Vikings have BUF in week 13 that I think I would rather take.   Hopefully the Vikings will straighten themselves out by then.

I am nervous about this game.  The Cowboys defense played terribly last week, but I give them a pass because defensively it is tougher to get up for a game when your season is over.  The offense played just fine.  There were 2 early catchable balls that bounced off the receivers for INTs.  Without those, the Cowboys could have easily won.  Yes, that was at home and this is on the road.  But I think the Boys will be pumped up for this game.  They dont have to worry about defending the run just the pass.  Now with Kitna getting more practice, this game gets me really nervous.

Looking forward, the Pack really dont have a great schedule. Home games are SF, NYG and CHI.  None of them are gimme games. Hopefully I will feel more comfortable with one of those than I do this week.

As a Giants fan, them playing in SEA brings back flashbacks of the drubbing in 2006 (the game started 35-0).  But, hopefully this game will start and turn out differently.  That was coming off an emotional division game, flying cross country and just not prepared.  This is coming off a bye.  I actually would have liked this game better had Hasselbeck been playing.  One of my rules is to always go against a QB the week after he gets a concussion.  Stupid NFL is trying to shut down players after a concussion.  Who do they think they are?  If QBs want to play, and lose, let them!  (Side note: I think this is the 7th backup QB the Giants will face.  Claussen, Collins, Hanie, Hill, Stanton, Kitna, now Whitehurst)

Looking forward, the Giants have a home game vs JAC in a semi-weak Week 12. 

Are we sure they are good?  They are getting a lot of respect after barely beating a Claussen-led Panthers team at home. Now on the road where they arent as good against a team with a better QB (I think Moore is serviceable.  Claussen, not so much right now).  I wouldnt be surprised at all if this game comes down to the final minutes.

Looking forward, the Saints have home games vs SEA, SEA and TB all teams that should be regressing soon.

Mangini vs Bellichick.  Should be a fun game especially with Cleveland coming off a bye.  No chance I take NE here.

Looking forward, NE doesnt have an easy schedule, but the game @BUF in week 16 is during a 3 pick week, so I have them penciled in for that week.

The Jets are a far superior team.  I can see them dominating the game but somehow Detroit hangs around.  I think the Jets will pull it out, but last year they were streaky with two 3 game losing streaks.  I think they are better than that this year, and will pull it out, but you never know.

Looking forward, the Jets have CIN and BAL at home.  Saving them.

Other Notes
KC has won in OAK each of the last 7 years
IND has been an underdog at an NFC team once in the last 7 years

For me, it really comes down to:
  • GB vs DAL this week and MIN vs BUF in week 13  OR
  • MIN vs ARI this week and GB vs SF in week 13
Option 1 is probably better, but the I hate the Cowboys.  Taking MIN.


  1. Who did you end up taking last week? It was never clear.

  2. I took the Cowboys.

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